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    • Labor:  $15.00 per hour
    • Mileage:  $1.50 per mile one way from CHAMPION GENETICS, INC. or actual cost if public conveyance is used
    • Lodging:  Actual cost (if required)
    • Meals:  Actual cost (if required)
    • Housing:  $12.00 per day  
    • Health testing including physical for exportable semen billed at cost
    • Health testing  including physical:   billed at cost (TB, Brucellosis, Lepto)
    • Special Ration, Foot trimming, or emergency vet services:  Actual cost.

One requirement that is generally common for all breed registry associations is that a record of the blood type of each bull used in artificial insemination be on file with the respective breed associations.  Whether blood typing or DNA analysis is required, it is the responsibility of the owner of record to make certain that compliance is met.  This can be accomplished by asking the breed association to mail a test kit.

If a prompt payment history has been established by an existing custom account, then CHAMPION GENETICS, INC. will continue to service that account under its current credit policy.  However, if a custom account has been chronically in arrears or if a new custom account is being established, then a total prepayment of all projected charges will be required prior to any collection efforts.  Credit card billing can be arranged if payment in this manner is preferred.
  • Billed to account:  $2.60 per straw + $25.00 laboratory fee
    Prepaid:  $2.30 per straw + $25.00 laboratory fee 
    Before or at the time of collection on the farm/ranch or upon delivery of the bull to CHAMPION GENETICS, INC.’s custom housing, payment must be made for the number of units requested. 
  • A $50.00 discard fee in addition to the $25.00 laboratory fee will be charged when AI quality semen is discarded at the owner’s request.  This fee applies when ET-only semen quality is demanded by the sire’s owner.
  • Semen Quality Checks:  $40.00 (with veterinarian referral).
  • Microscopic evaluations of CHAMPION GENETICS, INC. processed semen:  No charge.
  • Microscopic evaluations of other stud processed semen:  $15.00 per sample.
As a matter of routine practice, all collections of semen that are currently frozen by CHAMPION GENETICS, INC. are subjected to these microscopic evaluations:
  1. Post thaw motility
  2. Incubated motility
  3. Morphology

The storage charge is based on the number of units in the customer’s inventory on the first day of each calendar quarter and is invoiced at the beginning of each quarter. 

It is to be paid in advance at the following rates:   

1 - 100 $15.00 Minimum
101 - 500 0.14 per unit
501 - 2000 0.11 per unit
2001 - 3500 0.08 per unit
3501 - 5000 0.07 per unit
5001 - 7500 0.06 per unit
7501 + 0.04 per unit

(Example:  If 600 units are in inventory on the first day of the quarter, all 600 units will be invoiced at 11 cents per unit for a total of $66.00)

To keep storage simple to administrate, Champion Genetics, Inc. will not charge for new input to storage, nor give credit for removal from storage, during the calendar quarter.
Anticipated discards should be authorized prior to the beginning of the new calendar quarter.
Please pay for storage upon receipt of invoice.

CHAMPION GENETICS, INC.’s policy is to bill only one party for each sire’s collection.  Should an extreme situation exist which would absolutely require more than one party to be billed, please consult with the custom Director beforehand.  Additional fees will be added to each collection to defray the expense of documentation to each partner/owner

  • CHAMPION GENETICS, INC. requests written authority from the owner of the bulls’ semen before transfers or shipments of custom semen can be made.
  • A service charge of $30.00 per container will be charged to the CHAMPION GENETICS, INC. customer on outgoing shipments requiring a CHAMPION GENETICS, INC. shipping container. 
    These shipments can be sent prepaid for freight and handling.  Containers not returned within 12 days are subject to a $5.00 per day demurrage charge. 
    If containers are returned to CHAMPION GENETICS, INC. collect, a $10.00 surcharge will be added to the freight bill to defray invoicing costs
  • Shipments, incoming or outgoing, requiring special handling or instructions, such as rush or weekend pickup or delivery, will incur an additional special handling charge.
  • CHAMPION GENETICS, INC. maintains on file a record of all custom semen transactions, i.e. transfer of semen between inventories as well as records reflecting semen picked up at CHAMPION GENETICS, INC.. 
    A $10.00 per transaction fee is charged for this service.         Additional charges may apply when requests are made for semen inventory, inventory research, package identification, straw retrieval, labeling/recaning, refrigerator clean outs and any other special handling transactions

CHAMPION GENETICS, INC. assumes no liability as to the declared value on units of semen.  CHAMPION GENETICS, INC. will handle, store and ship all semen with the utmost care and concern but will be held harmless for any and all loss or damage that may occur when semen is handled, stored or shipped.  It is the responsibility of the owner of the semen to maintain adequate insurance to cover loss or damage as described above.


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