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The PS11 offers more of a structured look and a smaller size, which will transition brilliantly from day to night. Inverted stud detail catches your eye along with the combination of gold and platinum buckles michael kors camo bag and hardware. The PS11 is the edgier sister to the PS1 and we are loving it.

That is why as soon as I michael kors astor handbag saw this bag, I knew it had to be mine. We are always preaching to invest in classics and this is a bag that is definitely a classic without the hard to wear formality of a totally classic bag. The calf leather is less precious but also makes it lower maintenance than the uber luxurious lambskin that scratches and stains easily.

Lanvin is one of those designers that gets everyone at the PurseBlog office amped michael kors clutch wallet up and ready to shop - Vlad even has a pair of Lanvin kicks. We are total fan-girls (and guy). The silhouettes, the fabrics and especially the accessories. I love every single extra added pocket, some even hidden! Becky has said that she would like to re-vamp the Matinee and remove some pockets, but having all of these hidden compartments has been nothing but a savior for me. Either way I still must carry this bag close to my body and hold tight. This way, if anyone is going to try to take it they will have to pull it out of my lifeless arms.

On Thursday, my mom, brother, and I will be flying to Madrid. I am literally not in one place for more than a week lately. It is a little crazy but of course amazing. So, when I came across michael kors clutch this tote, I have to say, I instantly wanted it. For the most part I lug my stuff around in a tote (Megs thinks it is absolutely hideous) and I know I am due for an update. Jones takes an Andy Warhol inspired background and has the famous images of a monkey in three poses: hear no evil, speak no evil, and see no evil.

As seen on the circular April bag ($495)?which isn my favorite, although I appreciate its sense of fun ?and the multifaceted Danielle clutch ($495), there is a great playfulness to the shapes. Even the beading, like on the snake-embossed Vanessa minaudiere ($595), is fresh and not so old-lady. The cap-off of a resin bow cements the fact: young and girly is the new mood, and it a look that michael kors astor suits Judith well.Available on Shopbop.

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