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Embryo Transfer

                         ET Services Available

The prices show here are subject to change.

Flush Information:

Super Ovulation 


Embryo Collection  $250.00
Embryo --Frozen or Transferred (DT) $55.00 (each)
Embryo --Transferred (Gly) $75.00 (each) 
Embryo --Frozen or Transferred (EXP)   $75.00 (each)
Synchronization $31.00
Breeding  $50.00
Housing $8.00 per day
  Flush approximately 30-35 days
  Embryo Transfer approx. 16-20 days
On Farm Collection Fee (Additional) $250.00
  Plus mileage, one way $1.50 per mile
***EXPORT EMBRYO AVAILABLE FACILITY approved by USDA and the EUROPEAN COMMISSION for Exportable Embryos***
Embryo work done by John Broadway

Contact Logan McWilliams @ 806-240-0230 for any questions on our Embryo Transfer Services or to Schedule. 



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